January 11, 2017

Royal Animal Health University

Welcome to RAHU – Royal Animal Health University

Dr. Natasha Lilly is a California native who has a need to travel and a great appreciation for the variety offered on our planet. She first fell in love with the San Luis Obispo area as an undergraduate at California Polytechnic State University studying Animal Science on the pre-veterinary track. In 2008, Natasha completed her DVM studies at UC Davis with an emphasis in equine medicine. She initially went to work outside of Chicago in an equine sports medicine practice. After becoming disappointed with the conventional options to treat our animal athletes, she began taking an interest in complementary medicine, especially acupuncture. She attended an equine and small animal acupuncture certification course through IVAS in 2009-2010.

Dr. Lilly was mentored and worked for an established acupuncturist and complementary medicine DVM in Chicago, Dr. Barbara Royal. In Dr. Royal’s small animal practice, the approach to animal health blended conventional and alternative/holistic medicine practices. Upon relocating back to California, Dr. Lilly began acupuncture services out of a few locations and settled into practicing at Central Coast Pet Hospital and Emergency in 2012. During that time, she attended courses in Chinese herbal medicine through the Chi Institute and canine and feline nutrition. She will be leaving her practice temporarily as she turns her focus to education and equine rehabilitation.

Full Circle Veterinary Center officially opens for business on January 30th, 2017 and is a facility where a collective of veterinary specialists in equine health will work to create a comprehensive plan using a similar model as Dr. Royal created. Dr. Lilly has served on the board of the AHVMF since 2012 and works with members to further scholarship, funding and research in complementary veterinary medicine.

Beginning this April, Dr. Lilly and Dr. Royal will team up again to teach a course in integrative veterinary medicine at California Polytechnic State University, SLO. She has also co-created the Royal Animal Health University which is dedicated to teaching and advocating a holistic, common-sense approach to animal care with onsite and online course offerings. 

In addition to complementary medicine, Natasha is found enjoying time with family and travel, riding her amazing horses of all different backgrounds, and hiking the beautiful central coast trails. Natasha, her husband and their three children live with their chickens, ducks, sheep, horses, dogs, and cats on a ranch in Edna Valley.