January 11, 2017

Royal Animal Health University

Welcome to RAHU – Royal Animal Health University

The Royal Animal Health University (RAHU) is dedicated to teaching and advocating a hands-on, holistic, innovative, and common-sense approach to all aspects of animal care.  Our effective, science-based, integrative veterinary summits and webinars are designed to help caregivers — from pet parents to industry professionals to veterinarians — as they improve their options for the health of animals, our environment and our planet.

Current Course —

Inflammation: Causes, Conditions, and Solutions –

July 15th 2017   –   Chicago, IL

Course includes —

  • Holistic guide to home care for medical conditions and emergencies
  • When to go to ER and what you can do at home
  • What to put in your home emergency kit
  • Learning to recognize what is normal and what is not in your pet, and what might be the causes of health and disease.
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For additional information, please visit www.rahu.education or email info@rahu.education