Bacteria! Ugh! or Yum? From Deadly to Delicious, How to Naturally Manage Bacteria for Optimal Pet Health

Join Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA on Saturday October 24th online at the National Canine Healthy Symposium – The largest online holistic canine care conference on the planet!

Dr. Royal’s presentation: Bacteria! Ugh! or Yum? From Deadly to Delicious, How to Naturally Manage Bacteria for Optimal Pet Health, will count the ways that Bacteria are so Shockingly Amazing, Necessary and Troublesome, including:

  • Astounding facts about what bacteria are capable of doing – for good or ill
  • How bacteria are versatile, resilient, mobile, tiny and impossibly powerful
  • Why bacteria are so essential for animal health
  • Why we need bacteria in our environment, in our foods and in our animals, and what is endangering bacteria in these places?
  • What oral antibiotics are doing to the bacterial biome in our pets
  • What other pharmaceuticals affect bacteria
  • Why bacteria can wreak such destructive power if we manage them poorly
  • An anatomical guide to where bacterial health in our pets is in jeopardy
  • What are the most cost effective and practical tips to support good bacteria and improve health?
  • What do probiotics do and why are they helpful?
  • How can our pets naturally repel and resist the “bad” bacteria – including natural and more effective options to deal with antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • What other medical methods are the most effective in overcoming specific bacterial diseases/overgrowths/chronic conditions?

We will also address:

  • How to discuss your concerns about bacteria with your vet
  • Managing the germophobe in yourself or in your family
  • Remembering our common sense when it comes to bacteria in our world
  • …And a few more lessons and practical secrets from Dr. Royal’s veterinary cases.

Register today for access to this presentation and over a dozen sessions presented by the best and brightest veterinary and expert minds today with more health boosting options for your dog than you can shake a stick at! An amazing opportunity for learning and networking.

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