Holiday Hours & Help Your Pet Deal With July 4th (& Storm) Stress

The Royal Treatment will be open with reduced hours on Friday, July 3rd from 9am until 1pm.  We will be closed on Saturday, July 4th, and will reopen on Monday, July 6th at 9am.  If your pet is easily stressed by holiday fireworks and summer storms, please refer to these great tips we posted last year!


  • If your pet is chronically stressed by fireworks, thunderstorms or other unexplained noise check with your veterinarian to discuss possible hormone (adrenal/thyroid) issues or other treatable issue where increased anxiety is a symptom.  Also discuss estrogen or testosterone supplements if your pet is spayed or neutered.
  • Having a biologically appropriate diet can also help to keep your pet even keel.  This includes a high protein, low carbohydrate diet – high quality canned food or pre-prepared raw foods are best.
  • Thundershirts provide a close-fitting sensation similar to a hug that can help keep pets calm in a variety of situations.
  • Human grade over-the-counter calming supplements like Serenity by Gaia Herbs and Valerian Root can be used to keep pets calm prior to stressful events.   Pet specific products like Pet Calm and Rescue Remedy are also successful aids.  Many supplements can be used in combination together or with other calming medications and techniques.   Be sure to discuss an appropriate dosage with your veterinarian before administering these supplements.
  • Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) can be used for calming but may leave your pet drowsy or have the reverse effect and may increase anxiety in some pets.  This is another option that you may discuss with your vet.
  • Any supplement or medication you start with your pet should be given in advance of a stressful situation both to measure effect and to watch for possible reactions.  Allow at least 30-40 minutes for any medication or supplement to start working.
  • Acupuncture can help with chronically anxious pets, and many respond so well that they will completely relax and may even fall asleep during treatment.
  • Massaging your pet around their eyes, muzzle, and especially the ears can help your pet relax.
  • Taking your pet outside briefly just before or during the storm (if there is no danger of lightning) can help your pet adjust to the storm and feel better once they are indoors.  Make sure your pet is  properly leashed with an appropriately fitting collar, or even better – a harness to prevent bolting.  Do not bring your pet close to fireworks, their ears are sensitive.  Puppies can be traumatized by fireworks.
  • Distract your pet once indoors by offering a high value and long lasting treat such as a kong toy with frozen baby food, pureed sweet potato, or canned food inside.  You can try taking a pat of dairy butter (no nut butters) and apply it topically to your pet’s front leg to encourage self-grooming, which is calming.
  • Have fun, and help your pet have fun by distracting them from storms and fireworks.  Fireworks are something we enjoy and prepare for, but to a dog it’s just unexplained explosions.



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