Emma, almost 5, is my fifth Irish Wolfhound. She has all the wonderful qualities of a Wolfie which allowed her to qualify as part of the Canine Therapy Corps. She is also a huge IW for a female. She first met Dr. Royal socially, at the open house fund raiser for CTC. At that time poor Emma was not a happy camper but was doing her best to keep her IW spirit and smile. She was pushing 203lbs, had been previously diagnosed with early onset arthritis in her paws, had chronic ear issues and now was faced with eating diet dog kibble. I felt frustrated as her human because I could not make the pain or weight go away.

It was time to try a different strategy. This time Emma saw Dr Royal and the staff at the clinic as a patient. Both of us were impressed and and soothed by the treatment. Emma spent a lot of time with Dr Royal and got a new lease on dog life. Eating natural carnivore food was tasty, plentiful, and made a tremendous difference. In 6months no more ear issues. Emma is now weighing in at 170lbs. With the additional help of acupuncture and acupressure massage, the paw pain is gone so running and exercise is fun again. Oh yes, the hydrotherapy was something in which Emma opted not to participate. I think it was something about the bathing suit.. Anyway there were enough treatment options to make the experience really successful.

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