Hi Barbara,

This is the “tail” of a Princess that just happens to have four legs. If ever there was a special needs pet, she is certainly the poster pet. Plagued since birth with leg problems requiring major surgery on both of her hind legs, one right after the other due to luxating patella’s. After a lengthy recovery, Princess was doing well, but was not very active, her weight became a real issue.

During a follow up examination requiring an ultra sound, stones were found in her blatter.  This now required a whole new treatment to fix this problem and she was placed on a special diet to now control her weight and help reduce her stones. To make a long story short, the diet was successful in reducing and then eliminating the stones.  No luck with her weight however, which was now a big issue adding a lot of stress to her already weak legs.

Well, as luck would have it, on Father’s day of 2008 while attempting to run around the house in an excited state due to company, Princess injured her right leg and was now hopping around on three legs and keeping her weight completely off the injured one. The next day it was off to the the specialist’s office once again to see what was wrong.  This time it turned out to be a torn ACL which required immediate surgery. For the third time, Dr. Claude Gendreau did an outstanding job putting her back together.

Fast forward a few weeks later, a friend of mine who knew of my problems with Princess said she knew a doctor that she thought could help with my pet’s recovery process and weight issue. She gave me the name and number of Dr. Barbara Royal. Who, as it turns out, is also a staff member of the Surgical Referral Service facility where Princess had her operations, but, at the time, I did not know this.

Barbara first saw Princess in her Chicago shop in late July of 2008. After her initial visit a plan was put into place which would help her to recover from her third major surgery and help to bring her weight back in line with what a Pomeranian should weigh. After months of Underwater treadmill sessions, Laser Light Therapy and several rounds of Aquapuncture and multiple B-12 injections, it’s safe to say that Princess has become an entirely different pet. Her new diet and exercise routine has allowed her to become six and a half pounds lighter. She’s stronger, faster and more alive than she’s ever been, it’s safe to say that Dr. Royal and her staff has changed her live for the better in so
may ways. Princess is now a happy and active pet engaging in fun filled days running and playing with her other pet brothers and sisters. A sight I thought I’d never see.

I believe with Barbara’s help, Princess will now lead a long and healthy life.

Andy Avalos
NBC Chicago

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