The Royal Treatment Method

Dr. Royal will be offering both online and hands-on coursework for the Royal Treatment Method, certification program.

This Certification Course will provide participants with Dr. Royal’s expert and practical education in navigating through the overwhelming world of pet nutrition, herbs, supplements, medicines, behavior training, surgical choices, vaccination, and overall common sense care.

This course will be taught on several levels to meet the needs of each participant.

RTM Certification Program is available for –

Pet Parents
Veterinary Technicians
Non-Veterinary Health Practitioners

Multiple courses will be available beginning with “Food as Medicine” seminar on Saturday, August 23rd 2014 –

Food as Medicine
Don’t give up, try food –
a 4 hour reality check on diet and how important it is for health.
Dr. Royal presents interesting and entertaining cases to help you learn first hand why food is medicine and can solve more problems than you imagine.
We will answer many detailed questions on pet food choices and the industry we buy from.We will discuss the following topics:
What food to feed that will decrease inflammation and pain and why. (Raw,
Freeze dried, Home-made, Wet, Dry, Kibble??)
How to read label for health— What to look for on the ingredient list (avoiding
toxins/carcinogens/chemicals) – including aliases for troublesome ingredients
Conversion Calculation from wet food to dry matter basis – Protein%,Carbohydrate % etc.Weight loss and diet change.  How to manage weight easily with the proper food.

How to enhance appetite for your picky eater.
Simple practical hints and lists of options for animals that are not eating well, and the healthy ways to entice them to eat what they need.

How best to give pills/supplements even to the finicky animal What are the best pill vehicles – some surprisingly easy and wonderful options. Practical magic in giving meds.

How herbs are both medicinal and nutritional.
How to avoid pharmaceutical medications using excellent food choices.
How diet affects longevity and increases vitality.

Hands on laboratory with foods and ingredients.

If you are interested in more information about available courses, visit our available courses page for details.   Visit our registration page to sign up for courses.

“Food as Medicine” is partially funded by Darwins Natural Pet Products.

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