Happy Earth Day!

Pet owners know how to contribute to the health of the earth –If you want to participate today in saving the world/making the world a greener place you can take these easy actions…

Use recyclable biodegradable poop bags – let’s don’t add more plastic to landfill because we have pets.  Consider highly biodegradable bags like those offered by www.PoopBags.com!
Don’t use topical pesticides.  A dog with a topical pesticide on for fleas and ticks, swimming in a pond can kill all the invertebrates around him.  Imagine what that does to your family, not to mention your pet itself.  Pesticides are not benign.  It doesn’t make sense they are benign in the body.
Don’t use pesticides or toxic fertilizers on your lawn and garden.  It’s bad for your pet and it’s bad for the earth and the happy creatures that keep your soil healthy.  Try Play Safe Lawn Fertilizer, a non-toxic fertilizer alternative.
There are several great products available to spray on essential oils that will repel fleas and ticks – consider topical spray that act as repellents and not pesticides such as VetriRepel Spray for Dogs and Mercola Natural Flea & Tick Control.
Recycle your pet food cans. It’s easy to do and make you feel better connected to the sustainability cause, and decreases your waste load that goes to a landfill.
Choose cat litter that doesn’t isn’t full of chemical fragrances.  Recycled cat litter options are out there and are effective – visit www.NextGenPet.com for excellent recycled cat litter options.
Start demanding your pet food maker use humane, sustainable, organic methods to raise meat and produce for pet food.  We all love animals, we should love the food animals that feed our pets, and the wildlife all around us.  How do you do this?  Just start asking questions when you buy a pet food or ask the clerk to call the 800 number on the package and ask the manufacturer how they source animals – Are they from a feedlot?  Do they get to see the sun? Make them know we care.
Don’t feed food with a lot of fillers, chemicals, and drugs – you make more waste and keep these chemicals cycling through the environment.

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