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From March 15-April 15

Supporters will have a voice in the direction of the AHVMF’s work for the next year.

This year’s campaign is divided into four weeks.

How people respond to weekly surveys and what they donate to support will direct our decisions and possibilities.

Each week will have giveaway prizes for some lucky donors,

and each week will concentrate on a different aspect of animal care:

Week One (March 15-21, 2015): Why do you take your pet to the veterinarian?

Vote with your donation as we exploring situations that require care, both preventative and therapeutic. Learn about options and types of care, alternative solutions for conditions from antibiotic resistant infections to flea and tick prevention, read about best vaccine practices for prevention of diseases. Give your voice and dollars to support integrative research into these and other treatments.

Week Two (March 22-28): Food issues, nutrition, food as medicine, GMO, food production and sustainable agriculture.

Vote with your donation as you learn about the role of food, agriculture practices and the need for proper research and education into this important aspect of animal care. In my book I state that what you put in the food bowl is the most important health decision you can make for your pet. Dr. Jean Dodds, a member of our Board, and Dr. Memon are also powerful advocates and have also written books on food as medicine.

Week Three (March 29-April 4): Cancer, holistic and integrative cancer therapies and quality of life issues.

Add your voice to our goals of finding better treatments for cancer. Learn as you contribute to research evidence showing how this devastating condition can be reduced, treated and supported by natural means, including foods, herbs and supplements that support a body fighting cancer, topical treatments to help reduce lesions, essential oils, massage, and acupuncture. Let us know about your interest in solving these problems.

Week Four (April 5-April 15): Senior care and modified hospice. 

Learn about the difference between declining with age and thriving with age. Vote on your preferred methods to keep your animals youthful and vibrant. We all want to keep our

older animals functioning optimally for as long as possible.


I am President of the AHVMF because I know that the heart of this organization is in the right place. The AHVMF is the only organization dedicated to funding humane veterinary research into the efficacy of holistic methods of healing. Educating through research (“REALSEARCH”) is our only hope to fully integrate a holistic viewpoint into the hearts and minds of all veterinarians.

One Medicine – or my motto, “just use what works”.

We must prove how well our holistic methods work. We already have reams of data, countless successful cases, hundreds of thousands of grateful pet parents, but the information must be gathered and presented to educate skeptical conventional veterinarians. We have interested researchers, impressive products and modalities, a curious public, and the media at our door. We need funding for projects, strategies for education, and innovative thinkers to carry out research and present the results – which will educate and change minds in our profession.

We are a hardworking group of holistic veterinarians, not huge corporations, food companies or hospital conglomerates. We may not have the backing of pharmaceutical companies or the easy money for research from corporations or universities, but we have YOU.

We have our amazing family of support — from you, our clients, our colleagues, our industry.

We may seem small, but we are mighty healers, and we have a powerful story to tell.

Help us tell that story, help us to research it, educate it and sing it from the mountaintops.

We are here for you.

You are here for us.

And together we can change the way veterinary medicine is practiced in this country.

One patient, one dollar, and One Medicine at a time.

Thank you for your support, it means a great deal to us all,

Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA President, AHVMF

For more information and to make your donations please visit!


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