PAWS Chicago Celebrates Milestone Adoption!

Three years ago Red was shot during a home invasion in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood and his owner was badly beaten.  Police responded to the home invasion, Officer Brian Cicio found Red laying in the kitchen, bleeding from a gunshot to the spine, and knew something needed to be done.  Officer Cicio stayed with Red for three hours until an Animal Control Officer came.

Red’s owner was unable to keep him after the home invasion, and tearfully surrendered him to Animal Care and Control.  While there, a PAWS staffer making her rounds at the shelter agreed to take Red to PAWS.  From there he grew to become PAWS unofficial mascot, using a specialized cart to move around the shelter and surrounding area (his hind was paralyzed as a result of the gunshot).  Since November of 2009, Red has come to Royal Treatment Vet Center to receive care from Dr. Royal and physical rehabilitation to maintain health and strength.  His positive attitude and the natural attention he received drew a lot of interest in potential adoptions, but some were quickly dropped once they learned of Red’s special needs.

Six months ago, Dawn Schaible saw Red’s profile on PAWS’ website and became interested in fostering him.  Since then Red has been lounging on a couch with Dawn’s beagle, Razor and following her 2-year-old, looking for food scraps and attention.

On Sunday as Red was having his goodbye party, Officer Brian Cicio and his fiance, Dr. Royal, PAWS staffers, volunteers, and other well-wishers all came out to see him again, a tearful but warm and happy goodbye for a dog whose future looked so bleak three years ago.

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