Green Initiatives

Chicago Vet Recycling GreenCaring for animals also means caring for their, and our, habitat: Planet Earth.






The Center’s Green initiative includes the use of the following items:

  • Reusable, recycled tote bags for client medications and take home items
  • Recycled paper and printer cartridges
  • Hemp t-shirts for our employees from Oregon Company, printed locally with eco-friendly inks
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products (and we employ a green cleaning service)
  • Long-lasting, energy-saving light bulbs
  • Recycled dishware, silverware and cups for our staff and guests
  • In-line reverse osmosis water filtration system for drinking water
  • Post-consumer recycled medical products for in-clinic use

We make every effort to buy locally, and know the companies with whom we do business. We recommend other businesses who support green initiatives, and talk about these issues with our clients in purchasing their pet supplies.  When we shut down at the end of the day, we turn off and unplug.

Additionally, our underwater treadmill tank water is filtered and recycled (and clean as a whistle for your pet!).

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