January 16, 2017


Pet Fooled is a documentary exploring the underbelly of the pet food industry. As a business that is largely unregulated, and controlled by a conglomerate of companies, this film will take an inside look at whether the nutrition we feed our pets is actually good for them. After the dramatic 2007 pet food recall that left thousands of pets dead- a news event that most likely didn’t make your headline news- a time has come when this industry needs investigated; held accountable for the injustice that is packaged and sold on a daily basis. The film will examine the history of the pet food industry, highlighting the way these 5 corporations own and manufacture over 90% of commercial pet food. In doing so, the film will unearth the marketing manipulation which convinces society of information situated far from the truth. With 7 out of 10 individuals owning or having owned pets, this documentary will unveil the myths on a topic that touches close to heart, and hopefully in doing it will educate society of the misnomers regarding safety, regulation, and nutritional legitimacy of this industry. – International Documentary Association

Pet Fooled features Dr. Karen Becker and our very own Dr. Barbara Royal who advocate for consumer education of what is truly in pet food and how to provide species appropriate nutrition when armed with the information presented in this film.  Available now on iTunes, Vimeo, DVD, and on demand cable services!

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