Wild Health

Chicago Vet Barbara Royal Wild Health
Dr. Royal’s treatment philosophy integrates Western medicine with complementary modalities to better treat an animal.

Wild Health is a balanced state of well-being and overall vibrant health.

Wild health is founded on the idea that every animal is born with an innate health and ability to heal itself.  Tapping into that potential is essential for every medical practitioner.

There are basic species-specific needs that must be met for an animal to maintain their biological balance.  This includes providing a biologically appropriate diet, mental and physical exercise, and social structure.  Every animal has in their background the ancestral adaptations that evolved to create a successful species.  No matter what size or shape an animal is bred into, this core physiology is inextricably linked to their original ancestry.

Many traits of our pets are remarkably similar to their counterparts in the wild.  Did you know there are more similarities than you might expect between your pouncing house cat and a stalking Bengal tiger?  Between your mischievous peekapoo and a wily fox?  It’s okay to call your Pomeranian Mr. Grumpy and dress him in a sailor suit (if you must), but his health depends on your awareness of his true nature.

An animal will always be trying to approximate its DNA heritage – looking for the food their body is made for, the activity their muscles expect and social interactions that provide their kind of comfort and structure.  Many animals can make do with sub-optimal conditions, but not always with the best long term effect or health outcome.  The more we know about the animal’s true biological heritage, the more we can provide the appropriate tools for a vibrant and wildly healthy animal.

At the Royal Treatment, we focus on the Wild Health of each animal, and work to remove any impediments to their wellness.  Our plan is to maximize the causes of health for every patient, and create an environment where we can find true health in our faux health world.

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