January 11, 2017

Upcoming Courses

Wild Health Nutrition

April 8th-9th – San Luis Obispo, CA
Speakers: Dr. Karen Becker, Steve Brown, Rodney Habib, Dr. Barbara Royal

  • Pet food biology
  • Species appropriate nutrition
  • Specific nutrients, sourcing
  • How to read a pet food label
  • Nutritional physiology how/which food affects organ systems and body functions
  • Food as medicine
  • Balancing pet food diets, what’s involved and how to make sure you are feeding balanced foods
  • Integrating food as part of the treatment of specific conditions
  • Provide useful tips for practical use in changing diets, encouraging healthy eating and weight loss in pets.
  • Lunch and light breakfast will be provided.

Inflammation: Causes, Conditions, and Solutions

July 16th – Chicago, IL
Speakers: Dr. Barbara Royal, Dr. Arielle Herndobler

  • Holistic guide to home care for medical conditions and emergencies
  • When to go to ER and what you can do at home
  • What to put in your home emergency kit
  • Learning to recognize what is normal and what is not in your pet, and what might be the causes of health and disease.

Cancer & Other Solvable Conditions in Pets

Oct. 7th-8th – Buchanan, MI
Speakers: Dr. Barbara Royal, TBD

  • Finding, recognizing and using local herbs as natural remedies to improve health and longevity
  • Includes a laboratory on making your own topical remedies
  • Finding local medicinal plants and planting your own herb garden
  • Fernwood Botanical Garden tour

For additional information, please email info@rahu.education