Voluntary Recall of Vital Essentials Products

Carnivore Meat Company, producers of Vital Essentials raw food, has issued a voluntary recall of two Frozen Beef Tripe products due to the detection of Listeria in product tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  More information is available below and on Vital Essential’s Official Website.

You can also visit www.FDA.gov for up-to-date information on recalls, market withdrawals, and safety alerts on FDA-regulated products (including pet foods).


The lots involved in this voluntary recall include:


Vital Essentials Frozen Beef Tripe Patties

UPC 33211 00809

Lot# 10930

Best by Date 20160210


Vital Essentials Frozen Beef Tripe Nibblets

UPC 33211 00904

Lot# 10719

Best by Date 12022015


The “Best by” date code and lot numbers are located on the back of each package.

No other product manufactured by the company is involved in this voluntary recall.

If you have affected product, Vital Essentials recommends that you  please throw the product away and notify the store where you purchased the product for a full refund.



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