We are SO happy with the improvement we have seen in Harriet since beginning treatment with Dr. Royal and the wonderful staff at the Royal Treatment!  When we first got our 4 month old puppy, a Newfoundland, St. Bernard, Mastiff mix rescued from a dog hoarder, we were concerned that she barely walked!!  Luckily, after seeing her interact with other dogs (whom she loves!!) we saw that her legs did work.  We continued to be concerned with her weak legs and strange gait, however, our prior vet assured us at each examination that everything looked fine.  Then, her stool quality began to decline and he suggested we put her on a prescription diet.  When that did not help, he suggested we begin giving her a daily metronidizol pill…the same course of action we had taken with our last dog, a Great Dane who died suddenly and sadly at age 5.  The thought of starting a daily medication for a puppy who was not yet even 1 prompted us to seek a second opinion.  And thank God we did.  After our first visit, Dr. Royal had convinced us that a raw diet could benefit Harriet.  We immediately saw improved, reduced, and consistent stools.  And as a bonus, her coat looked better, and she had more energy.  Over time, this has reduced her body fat, helped her build lean muscle, and improved the sound of her heartbeat!  At the same visit, Dr. Royal noticed an irregularity in Harriet’s spine and suggested we get an x-ray for more information.  This showed one weak vertebrae that caused weight shifting and Harriet’s strange gait.  Dr. Royal suggested UWT therapy and acupuncture.  After several months of UWT therapy, I am happy to say that Harriet is a new dog!!!  She can run so much faster, jump so much higher, and is truly the athletic, agile dog she was meant to be.  We are so thankful that Dr. Royal has helped her in such a natural way.  Most of all, we are thankful to Dr. Royal for saving Harriet’s life.  We have no doubt that without a diet change, Harriet would have followed the same path as our beloved Dane.  Instead, we look forward to a long lifetime with our strong, loving, sweet pup.

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