Royal Treatment Staff at Special Olympics Polar Plunge – March 2nd, 2014!

Polar PlungeSome animals have thick skin, waterproof feathers, special chemicals in their blood, or a layer blubber for insulation to survive in cold weather and water.  Then there’s us, the Royal Treatment Staff who will happily throw themselves in Lake Michigan on Sunday, March 2nd at 11:30 for the Chicago Polar Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics.

Please help us support this amazing cause!  For most of the team (Alex, Tash, Molly, & Amy) this is going to be their first plunge!

Pledges can be made to the team as a whole, or to individual team members here – First Giving Fundraising Page.

Thanks for any donation and support you can offer, we will post photos and videos of our adventure right here next week!

Alex Kislaitis

Tash Fields

Amy Wanty

Molly Houle

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