Welcome to Royal Animal Health University

Welcome to RAHU – Royal Animal Health University

The Royal Animal Health University (RAHU) is dedicated to teaching and advocating a hands-on, holistic, innovative, and common-sense approach to all aspects of animal care.  Our effective, science-based, integrative veterinary summits and webinars are designed to help caregivers — from pet parents to industry professionals to veterinarians — as they improve their options for the health of animals, our environment and our planet.

Current Course —

Wild Health Nutrition (Course #1701):

April 8 – 9, 2017   –   San Luis Obispo, CA

We’ve gathered the top names in healthy pet nutrition in one beautiful place to teach you the most practical, helpful and feasible way to feed a wildly healthy pet.





Dr. Karen Becker, the Mercola’s most well-read veterinary voice for integrative medicine and Dr. Barbara Royal, founder of RAHU, are both advocates for integrative medicine, pet food consultants, authors and well-respected engaging lecturers. Their integrative veterinary approach to practical fresh food nutrition draws from years of clinical experience and in-depth education and research.

Steve Brown is widely recognized as the very best pet food formulator. As an author, researcher, and consultant in formulation of many fresh pet foods, he and has a unique and well-researched approach to every diet.

Rodney Habib’s vlogs on Planet Paws are the most-watched pet food videos on Facebook (millions of views!). He combines a visually descriptive multimedia approach with his amazingly dedicated field research into common sense nutrition, health and longevity to get the best information to his viewers.

When this team combines forces in the one weekend, it will be the best thing to happen for pets in this century!!!

Course includes —

  • Pet food biology
  • Species appropriate nutrition
  • Specific nutrients, sourcing
  • How to read a pet food label
  • Nutritional physiology how/which food affects organ systems and body functions
  • Food as medicine
  • Balancing pet food diets, what’s involved and how to make sure you are feeding balanced foods
  • Integrating food as part of the treatment of specific conditions
  • Provide useful tips for practical use in changing diets, encouraging healthy eating and weight loss in pets.

Program Features —

  • A two day lab/lecture series offering up to 18 CE hours approved by AAVSB RACE.
  • Available for pet parents, veterinary technicians, veterinarians, non-veterinary health practitioners, and pet industry professionals
  • Currently Limited to 60 students
  • Course materials provided and access to online reference library
  • Located in the ‘Happiest city in America’ according to Oprah

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For additional information, please email info@rahu.education

Cancellation Policy

  • 50% by March 15th, then after no refund but can take course another time.

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