Our eleven-year-old lab/golden retriever mix Harp suddenly came up lame on his rear left leg one night last February.  He was in an extreme amount of pain and could not put any weight on the leg.  After a battery of tests including X-rays and blood tests, at an orthopedic specialist to whom Dr. Royal referred us, they diagnosed the issue as a strep infection in the knee.  He put Harp on a course of antibiotics but told us it was extremely unlikely Harp would ever be able to use the leg again.

After weeks of not walking on it, the muscles in the leg had atrophied.  However, Dr. Royal, who had been treating Harp for a couple of years for other issues, was optimistic that with a regiment of underwater treadmill and acupuncture, Harp could regain use of the leg.   After just a couple of weeks of the therapy, Harp began to use the leg more and more and rebuild the muscles. Six months later, after a regular course of this therapy, we are amazed and happy to say that Harp is walking normally and even running on the leg again. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Royal and all the wonderful staff at The Royal Treatment!

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