Mattie & Sadie

We have two dogs, Mattie is 11 and Sadie is 12 years old.  Mattie had to have CCL surgery last July as she could no longer walk.  The surgery went well.  I asked the surgeon if she needed physical therapy afterwards to build back her muscles.  He said that she did not need it, and[…]


Madison (Maddie)

Madison and I first met Dr. Barb Royal the summer of 2003. Madison had been having trouble getting up from the floor at the age of 6yrs old. Our previous vet had taken x-rays of her hips and diagnosed that she had no hip dysplasia (but didn’t diagnose what the cause was) and prescribed daily doses of Rimadyl. I found this unacceptable and was searching for a better option.


“…It was time to try a different strategy. This time Emma saw Dr Royal and the staff at the clinic as a patient. Both of us were impressed and and soothed by the treatment. Emma spent a lot of time with Dr Royal and got a new lease on dog life. Eating natural carnivore food was tasty, plentiful, and made a tremendous difference. In 6months no more ear issues…”

Miss MoneyPenny

“MoneyPenny is over 14 years old  and had been challenged with her rear hips and legs. She could not hold herself  up when squatting, had enormous difficulty getting up from a laying down position and was unable to jump up on the bed. However, after her first acupuncture treatment, she was able to jump into the car, jump on the bed and sofa and was walking like a puppy again. Remarkable.”



“Rex began seeing Dr. Royal over two years ago, when he was 13. His arthritis had reached the point where we noticed he was no longer running, and occasionally he would even limp. Dr. Barb put Rex on a course of acupuncture and underwater treadmill therapy. We saw results literally within two weeks — he began running again, and his whole demeanor changed. He sprung back to life…”



“…I had taken her to three vets over a three month period and gotten as many diagnoses. Treatments changed with each new theory and she continued to go downhill fast…I sat down at my computer and googled ‘Cat+Acupuncture+Chicago.’  I saw Dr. Royal in a YouTube video doing cat acupuncture. Her depth and connection comes through in that video and I knew she was the healer I was looking for…Today Yin is back to normal weight, appetite and activity. We still see the doctor for an acupucture tune up every few weeks. I am so grateful to have met Barb and to have my sweet pea under her care.”


“…After just a couple of weeks of the therapy, Harp began to use the leg more and more and rebuild the muscles. Six months later, after a regular course of this therapy, we are amazed and happy to say that Harp is walking normally and even running on the leg again. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Royal and all the wonderful staff at The Royal Treatment!”