Happy Easter!

The Royal Treatment would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend!  There are some things to look out for with pets around Easter, so read on for some helpful advice.


Be One in a Million Project

As many of you know, I am the President-Elect for the American Holistic
Veterinary Medical Association. If you make a tax-deductible donation to
the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation’s (AHVMF) ‘Be One
in a Million Project’ by March 17th, your donation, big or small, will be


Help Us Find Your Favorite Pet Store!

With more and more attention being paid to better quality goods for our pets, local small businesses are popping up with great selections of food, treats, toys, and more.  We need your help to list the best pet stores to visit in Chicago and surrounding suburbs!

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13 Tips to Minimize Radiation Exposure in Your Pets

First of all, our hearts go out to the Japanese people. For pet owners on the West Coast – we hope you won’t have to use this information, but just in case you need it, here are some easy quick tips to minimize exposure to any possible radiation in the event that there is a period of fallout from the Japanese nuclear reactor.


Madison (Maddie)

Madison and I first met Dr. Barb Royal the summer of 2003. Madison had been having trouble getting up from the floor at the age of 6yrs old. Our previous vet had taken x-rays of her hips and diagnosed that she had no hip dysplasia (but didn’t diagnose what the cause was) and prescribed daily doses of Rimadyl. I found this unacceptable and was searching for a better option.



“…It was time to try a different strategy. This time Emma saw Dr Royal and the staff at the clinic as a patient. Both of us were impressed and and soothed by the treatment. Emma spent a lot of time with Dr Royal and got a new lease on dog life. Eating natural carnivore food was tasty, plentiful, and made a tremendous difference. In 6months no more ear issues…”


Miss MoneyPenny

“MoneyPenny is over 14 years old  and had been challenged with her rear hips and legs. She could not hold herself  up when squatting, had enormous difficulty getting up from a laying down position and was unable to jump up on the bed. However, after her first acupuncture treatment, she was able to jump into the car, jump on the bed and sofa and was walking like a puppy again. Remarkable.”



“Rex began seeing Dr. Royal over two years ago, when he was 13. His arthritis had reached the point where we noticed he was no longer running, and occasionally he would even limp. Dr. Barb put Rex on a course of acupuncture and underwater treadmill therapy. We saw results literally within two weeks — he began running again, and his whole demeanor changed. He sprung back to life…”



“…I had taken her to three vets over a three month period and gotten as many diagnoses. Treatments changed with each new theory and she continued to go downhill fast…I sat down at my computer and googled ‘Cat+Acupuncture+Chicago.’  I saw Dr. Royal in a YouTube video doing cat acupuncture. Her depth and connection comes through in that video and I knew she was the healer I was looking for…Today Yin is back to normal weight, appetite and activity. We still see the doctor for an acupucture tune up every few weeks. I am so grateful to have met Barb and to have my sweet pea under her care.”



“…After just a couple of weeks of the therapy, Harp began to use the leg more and more and rebuild the muscles. Six months later, after a regular course of this therapy, we are amazed and happy to say that Harp is walking normally and even running on the leg again. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Royal and all the wonderful staff at The Royal Treatment!”



“Molly is our beloved golden retriever, she is 10 years old.  In January, 2009 we brought her to Royal Treatment, to improve the quality of her life.  She has several fused vertebrae, lumbar arthritis and other minor issues.  She immediately began acupuncture and the underwater treadmill…She just loves her sessions at Royal Treatment.  She knows exactly where we are when I turn the corner onto Rockwell and is quite excited to get in the door…”



“…Barbara first saw Princess in her Chicago office in late July of 2008. After her initial visit a plan was put into place which would help her to recover from her third major surgery and help to bring her weight back in line with what a Pomeranian should weigh…”



“Dr. Barbara Royal is a masterful and compassionate healer.  She and her staff truly care about the animals they treat and their alternative methods saved my dog’s life – literally. Mjiska was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and Mega Esophagus in January of 2007.  She was given six months to two years to live and after about four months she developed intestinal problems and lost eight pounds in two weeks.  We thought she was going to die.  Our regular vet confirmed it.  Terrified, we visited Dr. Royal as a last-ditch effort…”


Zoe the cat

“Today you spent time with my cat Zoe and i wanted to send you a note of thanks. You were so loving in the way you touched her, spoke to her, and treated her.”


Isabella Rose

“I wanted to thank you again for your expertise and awesome approach in treating my precious Scottie, Isabella Rose.  She is FINALLY healthy, happy and a joy to be with!…As a pet professional (dog kennel owner) I will recommend you and your client service oriented staff to my clients, friends and family.  ROYAL TREATMENT gets a superb five paws of excellence rating from all of us!”

Recent News

Dr. Royal Appears on Oprah

As a board member of PAWS Chicago as well as Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago veterinarian, Dr. Barbara Royal made a live appearance on the Oprah show to present Oprah with her new puppies adopted from PAWS Chicago.



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